We have been refining chemically 50tons/day, phisically 60tons/day and totally 110 tons/day refined olive pomace oil in our refinery at Bergama/Ovacik from the olive cake; produced in our both companies, DOGUS(Ayvalik) and ORPIR(Bergama).

Refined olive pomace oil is the most efficacious especially for fryings.  Triglyceride ingredient of refined olive pomace oil endures oxidations and disruption of frying temperatures due to it’s olive orginality. Although agricultural origin of all seed oils have risk for GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) there is no risk at pomace olive oil due to it’s olive originality. Yet all seed oils are imported, pomace olive oil is domestic though.  We think refined pomace oil is a better selection than other seed oils due to abve specialites.


Our prime goal is to reach to deserved value for olive pomace oil in both nationally and ingternationally with our brands Moliveys, Minero, Emseoil, Yaoil and Emirserra.